Wireless Roaming 802.11 k/v/r

Let’s face it, none of us like wires, well its not just the fact we don’t like them, they just seem to get in the way always, and, what an eye soar they often are – whenever they do get messy. So how do we fix this? Well that’s simple – just go ahead and make everything wireless (more or less).

  • Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Charging
  • Cordless Phones
  • Mobile Phones
  • Headphones
  • Earphones

The above list goes on and on. Now let’s take Wi-Fi for instance, a very modern wireless technology that is here to make our modern lives easier. Wi-Fi is also the lifeblood of our modern connected age. Here are some scenarios where Wi-Fi plays a huge role:

  • You move into a new property and now need the internet
  • You are already in your property and suddenly the Wi-Fi is not powerful enough to reach some rooms.
  • Or you decided to do an extension, a popular one is the kitchen where RSJ beams (Rolled Steel Joist, or Universal Beam (i Beam) starts blocking Wi-Fi signals.

Mesh Wi-Fi Technology helps to tackle the issues that modern properties, or ones built as far back as the early 1900s. Whether it be private homes or business premises they will all have a poor experience with regards to wireless connectivity.

Of all the wireless technologies out there, why will Mesh Wi-Fi solve my wireless connectivity issues?

Well, firstly – Mesh Wi-Fi is a type of wireless network that uses multiple Wireless Access Points (two or more) to extend the Wi-Fi coverage and massively improve the performance of a Wi-Fi network.
These Wireless Access Points communicate with each other to create a

seamless network that covers a larger area, eliminating dead spots and providing better signal strength throughout the entire private of business space.

So where traditional Wi-Fi routers, that are usually supplied free by your Internet Service Providers (ISPs) tend to be enough. When it comes to whole home coverage in larger homes and offices or even small flats with dense walls, yes that out building at the back of the garden, or the basement living space also applies; these areas will all struggle with adequate Wi-Fi coverage.

What makes all this work so seamlessly beautiful within our Mesh Wi-Fi Technology, are a set of wireless protocols called, Wireless Roaming 802.11 k/v/r – so without the need of boring you with all the technical jargon, below I have put together 6 of the greatest benefits of Wireless Roaming 802.11 k/v/r :

  1. Seamless connectivity: Wireless Roaming allows your wireless devices to move freely within your Mesh Wi-Fi network without losing connectivity, it is as simple as that. This means you can stay connected while moving around within your private residence (nowhere is off limits) a building or campus.
  2. Increased coverage: Wireless Roaming allows multiple Mesh Wi-Fi access points to work together to provide coverage over a larger area, which is important in large buildings or outdoor spaces, so go ahead and build that office or home gym at the back of the garden.
  3. Improved performance: Wireless Roaming will drastically improve the performance of your wireless network by allowing your wireless devices to connect to the best available Mesh Wi-Fi access point, which will result in faster speeds, higher wireless network capacity and better signal quality.
  4. Enhanced security: Wireless Roaming will enhance your Mesh Wi-Fi security by preventing your wireless devices from connecting to unauthorized networks hidden within your wireless zones.
  5. Better load balancing: Mesh Wi-Fi Wireless Roaming will help distribute the internet access load across multiple Mesh Wi-Fi access points, which will certainly prevent overloading and greatly improve on your network performance.
  6. Better power management: Mesh Wi-Fi Wireless Roaming will help conserve battery life by allowing your wireless devices to connect to the closest Mesh Wi-Fi access point, which reduces the power needed for wireless network communication.

As with all Wi-Fi UK Mesh Wi-Fi networks within our cloud-based platform, our wireless engineers will design and install at your property using our “True-Mesh” Technology. These are wireless chipsets which comes with Wireless Roaming 802.11 k/v/r as an industry standard. Talk to us and let’s get you started.

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