All your Smart devices are vunerable to Cyber Attacks

So you have Anti-virus and Malware protection on your desktop & laptop, which means you can now connect via Wi-Fi to the internet – but did you know that your SMART TV, HIVE Thermostat, lighting, refrigerator, phone, tablets and games console are vulnerable to cyber-attacks?


At Wi-Fi UK, we take that additional step to increasing the security of your Wi-Fi network by installing Anti-virus & Malware protection directly within the network’s topology, something that has NEVER been possible; until now. This means that any device that connects to your Wi-Fi network automatically gets Anti-virus & Malware protection without the need to install any additional software.


Question: How do you secure your VoIP Phones, Nas Boxes, Smart TV, Smart Fridge, Tablets, HIVE Thermostat from virus attacks?


Answer: Using our built-in Anti-virus Security Router, it protects everything, every IoT device on your home or business network, an industry first.

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How Does It Work?

The Anti-virus router connects to your current network setup to secure all your connected things, this is the Anti-virus router that secures every device in your home or business from online threats. Protecting your entire home or business network as well as your devices on the go, it is the only internet security you need.



This industry first malware security-router protects all web surfing in your home or business network. It blocks malicious websites and other threats, and secures all your smart devices against cyber-attacks.


Installing and monitoring your secure home or business network is now an easy task thanks to the included app. It helps you stay up-to-date and keeps you informed on the security of every device in your home or business network.


To make sure you're protected against viruses and other malware threats in your home or business and on the go, our Anti-virus router comes with award-winning security apps for your computers, tablets and phones that is conveniently built right into the router, making it the core of your now secured Wi-Fi network.

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