Lock Studios Hoxton, London

WiFi case studies - Lock Studios


Lock Studios is a full-service production and casting agency with a 6000 sqft complex in London consisting of 4 daylight and blackout photography studios overlooking the Regents Canal. Lock Studios provides production and photography for the likes of Alexander McQueen, Coca-Cola, GAP, Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

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Identified Issues

The Lock Studios is spread across two floors with huge twenty inches thick walls which prevented the Wi-Fi signal from the BT router to travel between the four studios. The Lock Studios basement studio was even problematic not just for Wi-Fi connectivity but also the mobile phone signal was virtually non-existent. Data needed to be shared between studios using Dropbox over Wi-Fi however, the signal constantly dropped out which left everyone frustrated.

Solution Provided

Wi-Fi UK installed a Quality of Service (Qos) Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switch to ‘police’ network traffic, removed the dated Access Points and installed a reliable scalable Enterprise MESH Wi-Fi network for both public Wi-Fi access and a sperate uninterrupted private network for Lock Studios staff with a minimal network downtime of just 15 minutes.


Sharing photo shoot files via Dropbox between the 4 studios is now a breeze, Wi-Fi calling is now possible for the first time on both floors inside the studio. And for the first time ever, thanks to Wi-Fi UK Lock Studios has setup a MESH Wi-Fi network that travelled beyond the limitations of the twenty inch thick concrete walls.

All Inclusive Project Price: £970

Feedback from the MD

“All smiles, we can finally get on with our photoshoots without any Wi-Fi signal dropouts, plus our models and photographers are all happy with the new MESH Wi-Fi network”