“Due to the lack of a mobile network signal, for years I was never able to use my mobile phone whenever I was inside the building, now I can call, text and browse the internet from my mobile and no longer need to plug my laptop directly into the router, the Wi-Fi just works.”

"I am happy with the speed of the Wi-Fi network, before we were getting 9Mbps download and now with the new MESH Wi-Fi system  from Wi-Fi UK, I am now seeing download speeds of 93Mbps.”

“All smiles, we can finally get on with our photoshoots without any Wi-Fi signal dropouts, plus our models and photographers are all happy with the new MESH Wi-Fi network”

“My granddaughter does not like staying over because of the lack of Wi-Fi signal in her room and generally around the house, with the new MESH Wi-Fi network provided by Wi-Fi UK, my granddaughter loves coming round to our house again.”

“Bang & Olufsen was impressed with Wi-Fi UK’s extensive knowledge on Wi-Fi networks. I was so personally impressed with Wi-Fi UK, I asked them to provide reliable Wi-Fi in my second house in Hammersmith, London.”

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