Our Story

At Wi-Fi UK, we realised that having a reliable, fast Wi-Fi connection all over your home was the #1 annoying issue which all Londoners face and the first thing we all do is Google "how to boost Wi-Fi signal around my home." Then comes the purchase of a cheap and cheerful Wi-Fi powerline booster; now let's face it - they don't work and so the frustration continues.
Wi-Fi UK, set off on a mission to fix this issue by setting up a network lab in our Park Royal office and throw at it a number of real world scenarios, then voilà; no more Wi-Fi that sucks!

Our Vision

So you have now made an executive decision to go with your brand spanking new Internet Service Provider (ISP) and have chosen their best Internet package but the internet is only fast in the room which the ISP router sits in.

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Our vision at Wi-Fi UK is to remove this Internet connectivity frustration by ensuring every home in the United Kingdom has a stable, fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection in every room in your home.
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Now for the geeky bit...
First we install a 'future proof' 8-port Gigabit Quality of Service (QoS) Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch next to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) router, then connect our 1,750Mbps 5Ghz/2.4Ghz MESH Access Points (APs) via the PoE ports. Each APs can connect 200+ devices via Wi-Fi with zero connection issues.
Your new fast, reliable Wi-Fi network now has a name and password of your choice. The whole process typically takes 90 minutes and even quicker for SMART homes.