Diamonds Factory Hatton Garden, London

WiFi case studies - Diamonds Factory


Located in the heart of London’s Hatton Garden, Diamonds Factory offers a wide collection of diamond jewellery in the UK which includes the latest diamond engagement and wedding rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings with guarantee certificates.

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Identified Issues

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale days fast approaching, Diamonds Factory could not face another day of unreliable Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity. The broadband was very slow which affected the IP phones’ call quality and the Apple iMac’s data connection speeds over Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi signal on both floors were virtually non-existent.

Solution Provided

Diamonds Factory first had BT installed a dedicated leased line. Wi-Fi UK was then called in to setup the new BT leased line superfast internet and marry it to our Enterprise Grade MESH Wi-Fi. Since Diamonds Factory was a trusted purveyor of quality jewellery of the visiting public to their showroom, the Public Wi-Fi had to be secured with more than just a WPA-2 password. Wi-Fi UK installed a built-in Anti-virus and Malware protection router directly within the Wi-Fi network’s topology (an industry first).


All two floors of the Diamonds Factory now has fast, reliable Enterprise MESH Wi-Fi provided by Wi-Fi UK for public Wi-Fi access available only during business hours and a separate private network for Diamonds Factory staff available at all times. The MESH Wi-Fi network went live outside business hours to eliminate down time and they were able to successfully take part in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales with zero down time and zero network dropouts.

All Inclusive Project Price: £1,563

Feedback from the MD

“I am happy with the speed of the Wi-Fi network, before we were getting 9Mbps download and now with the new MESH Wi-Fi system  from Wi-Fi UK, I am now seeing download speeds of 93Mbps.”