Four-storey 5 Bedroom House Hampstead Heath, London

Case Study Four-storey 5 Bedroom House

Identified Issues

This house was being renovated, Bang & Olufsen had Engineers over from Denmark to do a bespoke AV installation and is connected to a Sonos system as well as the Bang & Olufsen’s app. For two days, the Bang & Olufsen Engineers were unable to successfully setup the system due to the lack of a reliable Wi-Fi signal from the Virgin Media Internet connection, thus halting their bespoke AV installation. Due to the vast number of different devices on the network the Virgin Media router struggled to cope and constantly dropped the Wi-Fi connection. The basement and the ground floor also had no mobile phone signal due to its location.

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Solution Provided

Wi-Fi UK installed an 8-port PoE Gigabit switch connected to our MESH Wi-Fi Access Points which were strategically placed on specific floors in the house. Placed the Virgin Media router in ‘modem mode’ then connect it to our Enterprise grade firewall VPN router which is robust enough to handle over 700+ connections on its DHCP table.


Wi-Fi calling was now possible as the MESH Wi-Fi network could handle voice, data and video traffic with ease.


All four floors including the basement and attic now has fast, reliable Enterprise MESH Wi-Fi provided by Wi-Fi UK for all the devices and IoT devices to connect seamlessly without any dropouts or blackspots that the MESH Wi-Fi now even reaches the garden with ease. The Bang & Olufsen’s Engineers then successfully completed their AV installation moments later.

All Inclusive Project Price: £673

Feedback from the Home Owner

“Bang & Olufsen was impressed with Wi-Fi UK’s extensive knowledge on Wi-Fi networks. I was so personally impressed with Wi-Fi UK, I asked them to provide reliable Wi-Fi in my second house in Hammersmith, London.”