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WiFi case studies - Gambado


Gambado Children Centre has three branches, Chelsea, Watford and Beckenham and pride its self as the UK’s most exciting indoor play and party centre. Children get the opportunity to play, run free and explore in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Giant Play Frame, Huge Slides, Dodgems, Carousel, Ball Pits and Lots of Soft Play areas.

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Identified Issues

Reliable Wi-Fi was required for both staff and public use, “Wi-Fi boosters” was installed but had reliability issues which also causes the entire IT network to crash up to seven times each day due to the number of users trying to connect to the Wi-Fi at any one time.
Due to Gambado’s physical location, no mobile network signal was available whilst inside the building.

Solution Provided

Wi-Fi UK setup a duplicate IT network with ‘future proofed’ Enterprise grade hardware then marry them to our Enterprise Grade MESH Wi-Fi and create a DHCP leased timed table to allow each public user a maximum of three hours connection between the hours of 9AM and 6PM. Staff then had a separate ‘Private’ network with
uninterrupted traffic and no timed connection restrictions.
The new Enterprise MESH Wi-Fi system went live outside normal business hours to eliminate downtime.


The MESH Wi-Fi network now works exactly how it was intended with zero network dropouts and the IT network is now robust enough to handle the traffic of over 720+ concurrent connections during the busy half term periods. Staff also now reports that the network no longer crashes.
Wi-Fi calling was now possible as the MESH Wi-Fi network could handle voice, data and video traffic with ease.
All Inclusive Project Price: £2,942

Feedback from the MD

“Due to the lack of a mobile network signal, for years I was never able to use my mobile phone whenever I was inside the building, now I can call, text and browse the internet from my mobile and no longer need to plug my laptop directly into the router, the Wi-Fi just works.”