Four-storey 6 Bedroom House Kensington, London

Case Study Four-storey 6 Bedroom House


This house was recently renovated with integrated Sonos speaker system for wireless music streaming throughout the property with a new basement added to the property.

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Identified Issues

The cavity walls were heavily insulated during the renovation process at the property that prevented the Wi-Fi signal from travelling effectively throughout the property, this was even more evident in the basement and attic areas as well as the garden. The Virgin Media router provided Wi-Fi but this only stretched to as far as just three rooms on the ground floor.

Solution Provided

Wi-Fi UK assessed the property and mapped out a network topology to include the integrated Sonos speaker system. A series of MESH Wi-Fi access point was placed on each floor, including the basement to ensure seamless communication between access points and a personalised Wi-Fi network name.


The new MESH Wi-Fi network was setup by Wi-Fi UK in quick succession and connected to our cloud controller giving the Sonos music system true wireless music streaming in every room of the property including the basement, attic and garden porch thanks to a reliable speed of over 172Mbps.

All Inclusive Project Price: £571

Feedback from the Home Owner

I watch Sky sports in the basement a lot and sometimes do my work and browse the internet on my tablet, thanks to Wi-Fi UK I can now do all three, plus my wife loves the availability of wireless music streaming throughout the house.