Two-storey 4 Bedroom Flat Central London

Case Study Two-storey 4 Bedroom Flat

Identified Issues

BT provided fibre Internet to this property. The Wi-Fi only worked in one room and the hallway. The homeowner then switched to 1Gbps Hyperoptic Internet but the Wi-Fi still did not go beyond the room and the hallway on the ground floor. The building was very dense which means no mobile phone signal in the flat.

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Solution Provided

Wi-Fi UK installed an 8-port PoE Gigabit switch connected to our MESH Wi-Fi Access Points which were strategically placed on specific floors and rooms in the house.


Setup a customised Wi-Fi network name and password specified by the client.


The MESH Wi-Fi network now works with fast Wi-Fi connections all over the flat and in every room. The client was now able to cancel his BT Internet subscription and save on monthly cost and just had the Hyperoptic service running. Staff also now reports that the network no longer crashes.


Wi-Fi calling was now possible as the MESH Wi-Fi network could handle voice, data and video traffic with ease.

All Inclusive Project Price: £967

Feedback from the Home Owner

“My granddaughter does not like staying over because of the lack of Wi-Fi signal in her room and generally around the house, with the new MESH Wi-Fi network provided by Wi-Fi UK, my granddaughter loves coming round to our house again.”