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How easy is your Wi-Fi password to crack?

We have seen a lot of cyber-crimes lately, with the hacker attack on Colonial Pipeline in May 2021 being the most significant. Nonetheless, we see a lot of nonchalant approaches toward password creation among us.

Algorithms and computers can crack seemingly complicated passwords within seconds.

It takes less than a second for a computer to break passwords that are made of 1-8 lowercase letters. Adding one upper case letter to an eight-character password will increase the time needed to crack it 1000-fold, that is twenty-two minutes to break it. Mix in a number into this password and you will gain an additional 38 minutes, the algorithm would crack it within an hour. The maximum time to decipher the password you can get out of an eight-character passcode is 8 hours, and in this case, the combination consists of lower and upper case letters mixed with numbers and special characters.

How many characters will suffice to ensure your data is secure? Nine? No, the maximum you can get is 3 weeks (a combination of lowercase letters and at least one uppercase letter plus numbers and special characters). Ten? Nope, the most complex combination (lower and upper case letters plus numbers and special characters) would take a computer only five years to crack. With eleven characters you can make it harder for the intruder for a while but the most you can gain is 400 years.  Twelve characters seem to do the trick. Apparently, with only lowercase letters in a 12-character, cracking it will take a computer three weeks. A combination of lower case, and upper case letters plus numbers and special characters will take an intruder thirty-four thousand years!

Security and data protection are one of the cornerstones of Wi-Fi UK Mesh Technology with a combination of WPA3-Enterprise, Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems, and an advanced Firewall. We build our brand on security since the inception of Wi-Fi UK, the passwords our Clients get with their Mesh Wi-Fi networks are made following our highest standards that ensure the passwords cannot be compromised and broken for at least a millennium.

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