Two-storey 7 Bedroom House Hackney, London


Identified Issues

This exquisite, newly refurbished property in Hackney used Sky broadband with speeds exceeding 50mbs. There were over 25 Wi-Fi enabled devices at the property, including Sky Q and Sky Q mini boxes, Sonos speaker in a summer house, in the garden, and in every room. Since one of the family members is a gamer, their Xbox in the outbuilding requires a robust Wi-Fi network, which is a must for this family. Sky boxes were losing connection with the Sky router despite the Sky Q extenders.

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Solution provided

Taking all factors into account like 7 rooms, the distance to the outhouse (approx. 15 meters) and the number of devices to include in the network, Wi-Fi UK deployed our powerful 3x3 MU-MIMO residential Mesh Wi-Fi Wireless system. All 6 Sonos speakers and 4 Sky Q mini boxes were connected along with iPhones, Mac Books, tablets and printers.


There is now one seamless network covering the property (house, garden and the outhouse). Sky Qs work without any dropouts or buffering. The family can control Sonos speakers from anywhere within their property. The family was amazed at the result.

All Inclusive Project Cost: £776

Feedback from the Home Owner

“Since Wi-Fi UK turned up, this is the fastest that I have seen seen the Wi-Fi in the kitchen and my son can even play on his X-Box in the outhouse.”