Two-storey 3 Bedroom Flat Highgate, London


Identified Issues

This 3-bedroom flat had Sky Broadband with a capricious Wi-Fi network. The occupants work from home, but due to constant network dropouts, they were unable to carry out their professional tasks, like uploading and downloading photos. Another problem, the whole house was facing, was snail-slow buffer on Sky on demand. WhatsApp calling was not available due to patchy Wi-Fi signal.

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Solution provided

Wi-Fi UK installed our True-Mesh Wi-Fi wireless network to ensure all Sky boxes were connected to the Wi-Fi UK Access Points through cat6 cables. All wireless devices were added to the system.


The owners can now enjoy Sky catch-up TV in HD with no buffering, browse the internet in the garden and video chat with relatives from anywhere in the house. There are no blackspots, no dropouts and uploading/downloading big files is a breeze.

All Inclusive Project Cost: £683

Feedback from the Home Owner

“Absolutely amazing service & the guys are just fab. Can’t thank them enough for their help!”