Two-storey 15 Bedroom House Tollesbury, Maldon


Identified Problems

This 13-room house had two BT broadbands with unreliable Wi-Fi networks. The signal would reach only 3 rooms, and the remaining were black spots with no Wi-Fi at all. The owner’s daughter works from home and communicates with overseas clients via WhatsApp, Skype and other online communicators. Just like most of the houses we visit, this house had Wi-Fi range extenders in place, which did not help with the poor Wi-Fi signal. The beautiful garden with an outhouse and a pony paddock were places where Wi-Fi had never been seen or experienced before but was desired.

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Solution provided

Multiple tests were carried out to determine the more reliable and faster BT broadband connections, Wi-Fi UK built the network using the winner. All the Wi-Fi extenders were plugged out and Wi-Fi UK True-Mesh Wi-Fi Access Points scattered around the house, making sure the signal reaches the garden area. Wi-Fi UK connected all Sky boxes, iPhones and iPads, Smart TV and computers.


All black spots were eradicated, and WhatsApp/Skype calls are now possible from every corner of the house. All the devices run on wireless network and Wi-Fi is available in the outhouse, the paddock and the garden.

All Inclusive Project Cost: £947

Feedback from the Home Owner

“Wi-Fi UK did an amazing job; money well spent”