Three-storey 5 Bedroom House Barnes, London


Identified Issues

This house was struggling with unreliable Wi-Fi signal in most of the rooms, especially in the kitchen/lounge, where the TV and Sky Q are, and in the study at the back of the house. The router did not cope with the size of the property, Wi-Fi range extenders did not work at all. The owner of the house wanted to rectify the problem so badly that they decided to install another router (from a different provider). Not only did this solution not solve the problem, but also cost the client and additional £300.00 a year. This situation caused a lot of frustration and resulted in a lack of confidence in the wireless network in the house as well as poor regard of both ISPs.

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Solution provided

To ensure all crucial areas and the whole house are covered with wireless coverage blanket, Wi-Fi UK installed Wi-Fi UK cubes using the faster and more stable broadband connection (Virgin Media). The other router was turned off and the contract with the provider cancelled.


The owners can now enjoy Netflix in HD with no buffering, browse the internet in the study and video chat with relatives from anywhere in the house, and in the garden. There are no blackspots, no dropouts.

All Inclusive Project Cost: £683

Feedback from the Home Owner

“Apt was at 13:00 engineers arrived at 13:01. Work were carried out speedily and efficiently, both engineers were charming, polite and very patient with my beautiful wife. Costs came in below estimate cannot recommend too highly for superb service.”