Six-storey 4 Bedroom Townhouse Hampstead Heath, London

Six-storey 4 Bedroom Townhouse – Hampstead Heath, London

Identified Issues

This house was a real challenge for the home owner, it was a tall, narrow house, with thick walls and thick floors, and the BT router was located deep in the basement which also forms part of the client’s living space. Three teenage sons, all fighting for bandwidth in their third and fourth floor bedrooms and suffering lag and connection dropouts during heady Fortnight battles with online friends. Meanwhile, Mum’s precious moments of bedroom laptop streaming were plagued with buffering and frustration at the top of the house.

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Solution Provided

Wi-Fi UK installed a DrayTek security firewall router with a high capacity DHCP table, then attach it to an Ubiquiti Enterprise High Density access point in the basement. This then connected to our MESH Wi-Fi Access Points which were strategically placed on specific floors in the house. We then placed three 2,000Mps powerline adapters with full duplex capabilities to boost the wireless uplink connection which also acts as a failover.

A dedicated wireless uplink channel was then configured to communicate with the access points on both the ground floor and the first floor.


With the BT router removed from the new network topology Wi-Fi UK was able to achieve a much robust and stable connection thanks to the DrayTek router’s QoS facility. All six floors including the basement now has fast, reliable Enterprise MESH Wi-Fi provided by Wi-Fi UK for all the devices. The teenagers are happy, since their internet speed went from 7Mbps to 49Mbps with no more latency issues.

One off cost: £1,140

Feedback from the Home Owner

“I wasn’t too bothered with the Wi-Fi issues, I was living with it – but my son was not happy with the low speeds and neither was his online friends, now everyone is happy with the faster speeds and I will be recommending Wi-Fi UK to my two friends.”