Seven-storey 6 Bedroom Townhouse Soho, London

Seven-storey 6 Bedroom Townhouse – Soho, London

Identified Issues

BT provided premium leased line fibre Internet to this property had a bill unpaid while spending a few months abroad and returned to find his internet disconnected. Over 90% of the townhouse was SMART and require a working internet connection to perform tasks around the property like temperature control or opening the blinds. The client required an instant internet connection to work from his home office and could not wait six weeks for a new line to be installed.

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Solution Provided

Wi-Fi UK Same Day Emergency Internet service was the perfect solution to this issue. A 4G LTE Backhaul router was installed in the client’s office on the 6th floor; the 4G signal was then converted to a wired connection and extended throughout the townhouse by connecting it to Wi-Fi UK’s MESH Access Points to give complete Mesh Network connectivity on all 4-main floors. The 4G LTE Backhaul signal was also pushed into a cisco switch and distributed to ethernet connections throughout the house via the patch panel.


Wi-Fi UK 4G LTE Same Day Emergency Internet and the MESH Wi-Fi network now works with fast Wi-Fi connections all over the townhouse and in the rooms where it is most needed. The client is now able to focus on working from home whilst JR Linton telecoms arrange a dedicated leased line connection over the next few weeks.

One off cost (emergency internet): £250
One off cost (MESH Wi-Fi): £1,075
Monthly cost (4G backhaul): £45

Feedback from the Home Owner

“I called every company in London and none of them could provide me with a same day emergency internet. The guys at Wi-Fi UK had an above and beyond service designed just for me and they did not leave until my connection was solid throughout the house.”