Seven-storey 6 Bedroom House New Cross, London


Identified Issues

This stylish 7-storey house had a hefty problem with unreliable Wi-Fi from the Virgin Media router. The signal reached only the leaving room and the kitchen. Working from home was a problem due to no Wi-Fi in the study. The home owners wished to have the entire house covered with Wi-Fi, the annex flat in the lower ground floor included.

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Solution provided

To ensure the highest speeds and most reliable wireless network, Wi-Fi UK utilised the Residential 3x3 MU-MIMO Mesh network. All devices, smart TVs, phones, wireless sound system, X-Box, tablets, Hp printer and computers were connected.


The wireless network works as the owners wished. Every room has a strong signal, and the lower ground floor annex flat has access to Wi-Fi.

All Inclusive Project Cost: £785

Feedback from the Home Owner

“I could not find a way to get the Wi-Fi to work in the basement annex, but Wi-Fi UK made it happened. My wife can now move her computer from the dining room and back into the study, where the Wi-Fi was not previously available.”