One-storey 5 Bedroom House Oakwood, Enfield

One-storey 5 Bedroom House – Oakwood, Enfield

Identified Issues

On the ground floor where the Virgin Media router/hub sits – there were no problems in the living room, dining room and the kitchen. Everywhere else in the house either has a very low Wi-Fi signal or none whatsoever. The Wi-Fi was so bad in some areas of the property that the Wi-Fi UK network engineers could not get even a valid ping test to the nearest server. Then there were the kids that needed a constant connection especially with a PS4 Pro in their room. Things would usually take a turn for the worst when other family members visited from India and all had their devices connected simultaneously on the network; it was a Wi-Fi signal war between devices.

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Solution Provided

Wi-Fi UK installed our Cube MU-MIMMO Mesh access point as a WAN service to the Virgin Media router/hub then placed additional access points in the utility room and the ‘hang out’ room to extend the ground floor’s Wi-Fi connection. On the first floor, an additional four Cube MU-MIMMO Mesh access points were placed in a triangular formation to utilise the dedicated backhaul channel on the third built-in antenna, to create seamless communication between access points which were configured to create a ‘blanket’ of Wi-Fi connection throughout the entire property, even in the garden area.


The concrete walls were very thick, but this was no challenge for the Wi-Fi UK Network Engineers, the team quickly applied a robust network configuration resulting in eliminating all Wi-Fi blackspots with areas that had no Wi-Fi at all now showing an Internet connection speeds in excess of 60Mbps.

One off cost: £710

Feedback from the Home Owner

“The guys were very professional in tackling the Wi-Fi job and they thoroughly tested the new Wi-Fi setup over and over to ensure I was happy and my son is very happy to get a fast Wi-Fi connection in his room on the PS4.”