Four-storey 5 Bedroom House Wandsworth, London


Identified Issues

This 8-room 3-storey house was getting ultra-fast Virgin Media broadband that could not stretch anywhere apart from the living room where the router was located. The family bought a set of Sonos speakers which were not able to connect due to the patchy Wi-Fi signal in the house.

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Solution provided

Wi-Fi UK installed a true-mesh wireless network to ensure all Sky boxes were connected to the Wi-Fi UK access points through cat6 cables. All wireless devices were added to the system.


The owners can now enjoy Sky catch-up TV in HD with no buffering, browse the internet in the garden and video chat with relatives from anywhere in the house. There are no blackspots, no dropouts and uploading/downloading big files is a breeze.

All Inclusive Project Cost: £683

Feedback from the Home Owner

“In about 2 hours Jeffrey and Michael have installed a mesh WiFi system in our 4-storey home - boosting our virgin media speed by a factor of 10 throughout the whole house - so we have a secure robust network that can stream on Sonos, stream videos and the kids gaming without drop outs”