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From as little as £270 +VAT - find out more by speaking
to one of our expert team on 0207 183 8883 today

From as little as £270 +VAT - find out more by speaking to one of our expert team on 0207 183 8883 today

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Why suffer poor Wi-Fi connectivity?

Boost your Wi-Fi signal with Mesh Wi-Fi and see the difference

Mesh wi-fi provides a whole Home or Property Wi-fi system that gets rid of all your Wi-Fi frustrations:

  • Improved Wi-Fi signal across the whole property
  • Watch a whole movie online without it dropping out or buffering
  • Stream music quicker
  • Upload and download files and images in a heartbeat
  • Zero blackspots
  • Zero dropouts
  • Quick install
  • Cost-effective

What Our Clients Say

“Due to the lack of a mobile network signal, for years I was never able to use my mobile phone whenever I was inside the building, now I can call, text and browse the internet from my mobile and no longer need to plug my laptop directly into the router, the Wi-Fi just works.”

"I am happy with the speed of the Wi-Fi network, before we were getting 9Mbps download and now with the new MESH Wi-Fi system  from Wi-Fi UK, I am now seeing download speeds of 93Mbps.”

“All smiles, we can finally get on with our photoshoots without any Wi-Fi signal dropouts, plus our models and photographers are all happy with the new MESH Wi-Fi network”

“My granddaughter does not like staying over because of the lack of Wi-Fi signal in her room and generally around the house, with the new MESH Wi-Fi network provided by Wi-Fi UK, my granddaughter loves coming round to our house again.”

“Bang & Olufsen was impressed with Wi-Fi UK’s extensive knowledge on Wi-Fi networks. I was so personally impressed with Wi-Fi UK, I asked them to provide reliable Wi-Fi in my second house in Hammersmith, London.”

“All smiles, we can finally get on with our photoshoots without any Wi-Fi signal dropouts, plus our models and photographers are all happy with the new MESH Wi-Fi network”



Here are some frequently asked questions we are often asked. If you have any other questions about our products, that you can't find here, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer any queries you have.

Can this be used with any Wi-FI provider?

Yes, no matter which supplier you use to provide your Wi-Fi connection and whatever router you have, Mesh Wi-Fi can be used.

How long does it take to install?

Our London based IT Engineers will get a better understanding of the issues you face and will apply an immediate solution on-site in as little as 90 minutes. No mess, just a tidy system.

Can this be used with any Wi-Fi provider?

Yes! The good news is our system works with any internet line you already have running into your premises. There is no change to your Wi-Fi or Internet provider and no change in the rate you pay monthly to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

How long does it take to install?

No waiting weeks for a new line or a new contract, we can be in and out in an afternoon, helping you use what you already have - to its full potential in no time at all! In fact, depending on the amount of coverage you require, it could take as little as 90 minutes.

How much does it cost?

less than you think! We can all agree that every property is different, with that in mind we cannot adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach to MESH Wi-Fi. Instead we assess your property by focusing on the rooms and areas with the worst affected Wi-Fi signal; these are places like the garden, the basement, the attic or problem areas with 20-inch-thick walls, we can then put a solution together. The average cost involved starts at around £255 excluding VAT depending on the size of your property.

Why am I suffering from bad Wi-Fi?

Each case is unique but we have the experience in the MESH Wi-Fi Networking field to diagnose and to decipher any issues you may be having and to provide the best solution. Distance from router and building layout are obvious problems. Interference from other signals or electronics. Your network may not be sufficiently secured and other unwanted users may be slowing it down. You may have invested in new technology and have a growing number of additional devices on you network that a single ISP router is unable to cope with.

How can I make it better?

Let us design a MESH Wi-Fi network to maximise your internet enjoyment!

I already pay monthly, shouldn’t my ISP fix this?

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has one sole role and it is to bring the Internet into your property through their standard issued Wi-Fi router. It is then YOUR responsibility to extend that Wi-Fi signal across your entire property. Plus, Wi-Fi UK only charges you a ‘one-off’ cost.

Do I need Wi-Fi UK in my life?

Is browsing slowing to a crawl? Is streaming constantly interrupted by buffering? Is your Wi-Fi signal dropping out at various points around the house or office? Are you suffering from wireless dead zones? Do you want to use your tablet or phone out in the garden during summer? Are you concerned with evolving security threats and protecting yours and your family's privacy?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES....then YES! We will fix it!